SnapCube is the ultimate android application for the Rubik's cube. It addresses both the pocket cube (2x2x2) and the standard cube (3x3x3). SnapCube is fun and lets you:
  • Snap a cube in less than 20s.
  • Input a cube manually in less than 60s.
  • Explore the cube to discover and create your own pretty patterns.
  • Learn a beginer's method.
  • Learn the Fridrich method (CFOP).
  • Solve any scramble either with an optimal formula or by the Fridrich method.
  • Reconstruct any stored scramble, including a 6900+ pretty pattern database.
  • Cube virtually on your phone when you have no cube at hand.
  • Time your speedcubing sessions and store the statistics as well as the corresponding scramble.
  • Share your favorite cubes to you friends on the social networks.
  • Import cubes that others have shared to you.
Cube explorer (manual input) : input a cube in less than 60 seconds and to discover new pretty patterns. Color auto-completion, no invalid cube generated ever.
Cube snapper (camera input) : input a cube in less than 20 seconds with only 2 pictures taken automatically and cube size detection (2x2x2 or 3x3x3).
Virtual cube : practice when you have no cube at hand. A dedicated timer is available for virtual speedcubing, corresponding statistics are stored into the history.
Pattern library : enjoy 6900+ pretty patterns, including F2L, OLL and PLL formulas as well as World Wild Records starting from year 2008.
Timer : pick up any scramble and time your solving. Optional 15s inspection timer is also available. Statistics of your speedcubing are stored into the history.
Statistics : saved for every timed scramble solving, so you can appreciate your progress.
Formula player : solve or reconstruct any scramble using an optimal formula. You can also share the scramble to your friends via the social networks over the internet.
Formula player : also lets you go from any scramble or pattern to any other. You can easily reconstruct a particular scramble from any state your cube is in.
Fridrich teacher : walks you through all the steps of the Fridrich method (CFOP) to solve your scramble. The solver is color neutral and ensures optimal CROSS/F2L solving (Cross solving in no more than 8 HTM turns).
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Holder of a Master in Communications, Media and Creative Industries from Sciences Po Paris, Armand designed the User Interface of the application, including both graphical aspects and user-friendliness. He originated usage of the flashlight, auto snapping picture when the cube fits into the grid and also the possibility to snap a cube in any of the twenty-four possible orientations.
Formerly a software engineer specialized in hard real time embedded systems and safety critical analysis, Hugues conducted technical experiments on a PC before developing and implementing the application on Android.